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I got this Coolmax t-shirt from Cool Clothing USA which specializes in moisture wicking
performance clothing..... It's made of Coolmax extreme, which is the best quality of
Coolmax. I have worn it several times and washed it several times with no shrinking or
pilling. It is also long enough to stay tucked in. It does an excellent job of wicking sweat
away and it dries very fast. I have been very impressed with this shirt. It is very
comfortable and feels like a cotton shirt but performs so much better. If you're going to be
in a hot area or be wearing a lot of hot heavy gear this is a great t-shirt to wear. They
come in a variety of sizes and colors including military and tactical colors.

Made in the USA Helps You Keep Your Cool
By Jim Palmer
Wednesday, September 03, 2008
I try a variety of American Made products and for the most have been mostly satisfied with
what I purchase.  It may be that I am somewhat partial to supporting American businesses
and keeping my fellow Americans employed or perhaps it is because of the pride that I
know some many of these workers take in producing a product of high quality and at a
reasonable price. has a policy of offering US Manufacturers a chance at reviewing their
products and was delighted when the folks at Coolmax® asked us to review their product.
Our reviews are not scientific, but we do our best to be fair and honest. If we don’t like
something we will say so and not using politically correct terminology.
They sent me one of their crew neck white ultimate undershirts.  The first thing I did wa
check out the material.  It was fairly soft.  I inspected the seams and they all appeared to
be straight and there were no loose threads.  This has always been an issue for me when
I purchased imported products, but certainly not with the CoolMax® shirt.

I threw it in the washer and cleaned it according to instructions.  Once it was dry, the shirt
still felt soft and still no loose threads.
My first test was to try the shirt out while on the treadmill.  I have been picking up the pace
on the treadmill lately plus I do an incline of 15 for a heart racing thirty minutes. Sure
enough the beads of sweat began to trickle down my face and back.  The temperature
outside was in the 90’s and inside with the air it was about 75 degrees.  

During the exercise, I was surprised at how dry the shirt was on the outside.  The only
place it was wet on the outside is the neck area from the sweat that dripped from my face.  
Even so the shirt dried in less than ten minutes inside and out.

The second test was on the treadmill again for the same amount of time but this time, I put
on a 100% cotton t-shirt over the CoolMax® shirt.  I though that there was no way the shirt
would pass this test.  It was still hot outside and I know how to make a t-shirt get soaked
on the treadmill wearing just one shirt, but this was two shirts.  

To my surprise, after I wore both shirts while doing my workout, no sweat came through
the shirt.  My T-shirt was as dry as could be.  Not only that.  I didn’t feel as hot.  The
Coolmax® shirt was keeping me cool.

Well I was determined to make this shirt fail.  So I just happened to have to attend a
meeting for a speaking engagement. I always get a little nervous when speaking in public
and I sweat a lot. I was wearing a suit and had the Coolmax® undershirt on under my long-
sleeved shirt.  The temperature outside was the mid eighties.  I always found it
embarrassing when I took off my suit jacket and the shirt I was wearing was soaked in
sweat.  However this time I had nothing to be embarrassed about, I spoke for nearly 45
minutes and even took questions from the audience. The Coolmax® kept me cool and dry.

I highly recommend Coolmax® clothing regardless of your level of fitness.  If you want to
stay cool and dry in the summer then this shirt is for you.  I urge you to visit the company’s
web site at  and get yours today. The product also states
it will keep you dry and warm in the winter too.  If this product and keep me dry and cool in
the summer, I cannot wait to try it out when I hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains this winter. does something that most retailers will not do, they offer a full
refund if the product does not do what it claims to do with no questions asked.

When you purchase from, you can take comfort in knowing you are
buying a quality product, supporting a small business run by man who has served his
county in Iraq and a wife who is a marathon runner.   Most importantly you will be
purchasing a product Made in the USA.

My overall rating for and their Coolmax® Shirt is a 5 out of 5 star
-Jim P.

To the fine people at,
I found your web-site while looking for some type of clothing to help keep me a little bit
less wet while at work during the hot summer months. I do construction work here in St.
Louis and the heat and humidity can be really brutal. I have tried various methods in the
past but all have failed or were relatively weak in their claims. I figured what the heck, I'll
give these guys a shot. I ordered on a Sunday and received on Thursday. Followed the
care instructions to the letter. Could not believe how dry they felt after taking them out of
the washer. Didn't even put them in the dryer, hung them up and they were dry in a 1/2
hour. I ordered the long-sleeve white t-shirt so as to keep the sun off of my skin as well as
the dirt. The company I work for requires that you wear an orange short- sleeve t-shirt for
high-visibility. I put it over the CoolMax shirt and did a 10 hour day. The temperature on
Friday was 95 degrees with about 70% humidity. Trust me, I sweat like a pig all day long.
Even worse in the afternnon. The orange safety shirt was pretty much soaked, but I kid
you not, the CoolMax shirt was bone-dry. If that had been a cotton t-shirt like I had been
wearing all along it would have been soaked as well. Thank you for all that you do. I truly
believe that my search is now over. The product is phenominal and I will be spreading the
word. Many thanks,Ray

This Coolmax one feels like a 50/50 cotton blend rather than something you would wear to
a disco in the 1970s. It's soft, it feels good, and it looks like a normal T-shirt. But it
effectively wicks the sweat away and isn't stinky. It dries quickly after a washing too, which
is a big plus when you're packing light.

Today I received my first order -- a Coolmax short sleeve t-shirt and a Coolmax long
sleeve t-shirt.  First impression -- high quality, solid construction, comfortable to the skin.
Unlike other "moisture wicking" shirts that look too flimsy and sheer, these shirts have just
the right amount of weight to them. I live in Tucson where the temperatures get to over
100 degrees for months on end. After six hours of wearing the long sleeve shirt I can say
with confidence this shirt is comfortable and a winner.  I'm very pleased. I will definitely
recommend your site to others.--Don B.

I received the shirts. I travel a lot and I wanted you to know that they are very cool in the
most humid weather. I wash them in the hotel room and they dry overnight!  Saves on
Thanks, Tom

Just wanted to tell you guys that I got the shirts - and I love them. Took them on vakay to
Whistler, BC for a golf week. The weather was HOT, and the shirts were perfect for it.

Just to say the shirts we ordered worked really well during our recent trip to Asia. I had
ordered v-neck t-shirts from another company prior to this order, and your t-shirts  dried
faster- about 5 hours hanging outside in the humid climate after laundry. thanks,  Bob L.

I wanted to write you and let you know that I tried out the shirts for the first time this
weekend and WOW!  I had no idea how comfortable they could be.  I know your website is
geared towards the military application of these shirts, but for an everyday sweaty guy
doing everyday things, these shirts made those chores very comfortable.  Usually just
cleaning the house, going for a walk or getting into a heated discussion would surely end
up all sweaty and uncomfortable.  I did all of those things this weekend and did not get hot
and uncomfortable at all.  Thank You, Chris G.

First off, let me begin by stating that I received my order last week, and I couldn't be
happier with my t-shirts and the v-neck I ordered.  I sure am glad I found y'all on the 'Net!
I decided to try out your shirts because my wife and I are going to Jamaica in September,
and I've been looking for substitutes to the conventional cotton undergarments I took
down there last year.  No joke - I perspired constantly from the time we got off the plane
until we were going through Customs back in Memphis!  I wanted something that would
help keep me cool, would be fast to dry so that I wouldn't have to pack 10-14 pairs of
undergarments, and more importantly, fit comfortably.  I have been quite pleased, and
have been singing your praises to my colleagues and the other members of our group
who will be going to Jamaica with us.
Please keep up the good work!   
Brian B.

Great website. I am a naval officer heading to Baghdad next week and was hoping to find
a reasonably priced coolmax shirt. You made this easy! Thanks, Frank Mulcahy



Hi my husband recieved his shirts today.   He says they are great. He said it was 101 in
Iraq yesterday. Thank-you for the swift service and great prices!!
Thanks again. S.R. E.

Troop 614:

As many of you know we needed to reorder shirts for the troop.  After a LOT of shopping,
we have found a great source,  Not only are they supplying us with
top quality shirts but they are also giving us a GREAT price.  Please go visit their web
page to see if they have anything you might need.  If you are aware of anyone else who
has a need for these please forward this information to them as well.  Let's support those
who help make scouting affordable for everyone.

marty W.

Thank you. Our staff loves the light feel of the shirts during this hot humid weather we are


I wore it to the inauguration yesterday and it helped keep me warm.

Russell O.

Thank you for responding to my questions and processing my order so quickly.  I'm very
impressed and have sent several of my friends a link to your web site.  Paid through
Paypal immediately upon receipt of your reply, hope that you will leave positive feedback.


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Fantastic!! Great prod & prices, lightning fast shipping, best on Ebay, A+++
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Great product at a great price. Very satisfied customer....!!!!!!!!!
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He got them and says they are so soft and warm. thanks A++++++++++
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fast delivery; items as promised
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what a great ebayer... super fast shipping... a pleasure to deal with......
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Thank You, These Shirts Will Make Life in Iraq a lot easier. AAAA++++++
Buyer   rpwrs ( 84)   Jun-21-04 22:30  3915992915  

Thanks! Perfect Transaction! Great to deal with!
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Item as described. Excellent to do business with. Thank you!!!
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Great Shirt!! Great Communication!! Fast Delivery!!! Will buy from again!! A++++
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cool t-shirt. Going camping in a week and will come in handy.May buy more later!
Buyer   nascarjeff38 ( 93)   Apr-20-04 08:41  3906798147  
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